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After we have thoroughly inspected your home or business, and the lab results confirm mold is present, then we strongly advise that you have the mold removed to risk any dangers. That’s because, depending on its strain, mold can severely impact your health.
In choosing mold remediation Raleigh professionals, you must be sure that you can trust that those professionals you hire are genuinely concerned about you and all the others who may potentially have had exposure to toxic mold including your precious pets. You must also be sure that the mold remediation service is knowledgeable, systematic, and thorough in removing it.
Always remember that mold stores are very tiny, lightweight and many times not visible to the naked eye, but they can travel very quickly through the air. If you do not follow proper mold removal precautions, or if the containment measures undertaken by the professionals you hire are not adequate, the mold spores can make their way into clean areas, and start growing again causing a viscous mold growth cycle.

Mold Removal in Raleigh

Moisture problems in your home or business must be inspected and fixed as soon as possible. To start, we must identify where the source of water and moisture are and eliminate it. Until all water and moisture sources are under control, the mold cannot be permanently removed and may continue causing significant damage.


All wet materials such as upholstery and carpets must be thoroughly dried. For complete drying, robust water extraction methods may be necessary, and there are also times when some materials, such as drywall, wood, carpeting, or other porous material may need to be removed and discarded. 

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Before setting up containment, removal of any furniture or possessions from the area infected with mold is essential. Furniture must be HEPA vacuumed* before being moved to another room. In extreme situations, furniture moved in the infected area must first be cleaned under negative air pressure.

*HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuums contain filters that can trap tiny, micron-sized particles.

mold on the brick wall of the basement
worker covered with a mold suit and vacuuming mold from the carpet
mold on the drywall and standing water in the corner of the room

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The next step is to isolate the contaminated area from the rest of the home or business with polyethylene sheeting to prevent the mold from spreading to other clean areas. We will then sand and clean all mold growth on the surfaces, and if the growth turns out to be excessive, then removal of the entire area may be needed while adequately discarding to avoid contamination.
When removal of the mold is complete from the area, it is necessary to completely dry, filter, and disinfect the contained area with HEPA vacuums and air scrubbers to clean mold spores out of the air, then set up dehumidifiers to dry everything out. After everything has been cleaned, dried, and new materials installed as necessary, then we must thoroughly disinfect and deodorize the area.
Note: during the remediation process, all occupants of the home or office must not be present in the home or business.To do this, we will take swabs samples as well as air samples from those areas where we have discovered the growth of mold. However, we will always be mindful that with the use of ventilation systems, heating systems, air conditioning systems
and fans, cross-contamination can still be a concern. For example, airborne mold spores on the second floor have the potential for traveling to the first floor through ducts and vents.
Once we have gathered all the required data needed, we will send the swab and air samples to the laboratory for scientific analysis. When we have the lab results in our hands, we will show those reports to you and explain the results so that you have an understanding as well, while providing you with a comprehensive, detailed report describing all of our findings, and giving you recommendations for mold remediation.

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